Conference: Hybrid Practices in the Arts, Sciences, & Technology from the 1960s to Today


Experiments in Art and Technology, “Statement of Purpose,” 1967.
By Billy Klüver and Robert Rauschenberg.

From March 10th through 13th, I will be in Lawrence, Kansas for the Hybrid Practices conference at the University of Kansas. The conference examines the intersection of art & technology since the 1960s, including landmark programs like Experiments in Art & Technology (E.A.T.), the Art & Technology program at LACMA, and the Artist Placement Group. According the conference website, panels “will explore three major aspects of hybrid artistic research including key hybrid projects from the past 50 years; shared vocabularies and the role of language in cross-disciplinary collaboration; and the impact of interdisciplinary work on the identity of the hybrid practitioner.” My interest in the conference stems from my current research on systems aesthetics in 1960s art, especially in the work of mail artist, Ray Johnson. I’m especially looking forward to presentations by my two dear friends and collaborators, Erica Levin and Christine Filippone, and to visiting the exhibition, The Story of E.A.T.: Experiments in Art & Technology, 1960-2001, at the Spencer Museum of Art.  The conference will be livestreamed on the conference website.