“Ray Johnson, Between Pragmatism and Systems Aesthetics,” Black Mountain College as Multiverse Symposium, Kiel, Germany

  I will deliver a talk titled “Ray Johnson, Between Pragmatism and Systems Aesthetics,” at the Black Mountain College as Multiverse: Discursive Conditions for an Interdisciplinary Experiment Symposium. January 26 – 28, 2017 / Auditorium of the Kesselhaus Interdisciplinary Symposium of the Forum/institute for the Science of Art, Design, and Media (IKDM) at the Muthesius […]

“Art World Systems: Network, Medium, Platform,” Francis Halsall, Kris Cohen, and Johanna Gosse in Conversation

In this public exchange, art historians Francis Halsall (National College of Art and Design, Dublin), Kris Cohen (Reed College) and Johanna Gosse (Columbia University) will discuss the art world in terms of systems. They take as their starting point three recent books on the state of the contemporary art world: Pamela Lee’s Forgetting the Art World (2012), David Joselit’s After Art (2012), […]